Innovative Biotechnology Solutions with Cell-Specific Targeting of Therapeutic Agents


To Implement Clinical Research and Targeted Therapies for Infectious Diseases and Cancers

New Studies

I. In collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the University of California San Francisco, we are conducting a preclinical study to eliminate HIV infectious reservoirs and circulating virus with a new plant-derived antiviral agent isolated and developed by scientists at the National Cancer Institute. Infectious reservoirs are responsible for maintaining chronic infection in HIV patients, even when viremia and active viral replication is controlled with all current state-of-the-art treatment regimens. Our study hopes to end this vicious cycle with a new paradigm to try to eliminate all reservoirs of infection.

LhasaII. In a new anti-cancer study, PAWS HELPING PEOPLE, we are developing an immune-modulating treatment for pet dogs with malignancies that have failed conventional therapies as a consequence of tumor resistance. This treatment will target certain cells of the immune system with anticancer agents in order to improve efficacy and extend life and well-being with lower dosages of potentially harmful chemotherapies. If effective, the treatment will be applied to humans with failed response to chemotherapy treatment through an FDA- sponsored Orphan Drug Trial. This study will be conducted under the sponsorship of Let There Be Hope and the direction, supervision, and management of the Comparative Oncology Program, a division of the National Cancer Institute.

Let There Be Hope is responsible for the experimental development, study designs, treatment objectives, and all study costs associated with these projects and depends solely on charitable tax-deductible donations to achieve its mission.

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Targeting of HIV Reservoirs:
Rodos BioTarget, GmbH, Hannover, Germany; The National Cancer Institutes; The University of California San Francisco


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